Who we are


Minna’s Room is a small family business situated in the woods of Småland in Sweden, run by designer Jenny, her husband Jesper, and their kids Gustav, Tilda and Minna. We have started designing and producing a small collection when we still lived in London, and have since decided to leave the big city behind us and move our life to solitude and ruralness.

So here we are, in the middle of nowhere,  working hard surrounded by nature.

Minna’s Room stands for high quality home textiles and decorations that are almost entirely made in Sweden. We salute nature and embrace the simple life. Our inspiration comes from a life close to Mother Nature, and on our journey through life in lots of different countries we have learned that all that matters are the small things. We believe that we can all achieve a calm and healthy state of mind once we understand that less is more.

It makes us all so much happier to buy something that we really value and treasure and that we would love to be able to pass on to the next generation. When our grandmothers passed on a tea towel or a cushion cover to us, we might have laughed at them. But they actually did the right thing.

Our generation has gotten used to buying too many things and to throwing them out when they are no longer fashionable.

Minna’s Room’s goal, vision and dream is that you can pass one of our precious pieces on to your child or grandchild as a treasure and memory.